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  • English Stories 2

    The talking leaves

    Written by Theresa Puchegger

    One day Sue went up to the mountains. There she collected leaves. She needed them for Biology. When she took a handful of leaves, she heard something.
    One green leaf said,“ Hello! What are you doing with me?” Sue was very excited
    and screamed,” Help! Help! The leaf is speaking to me!” “What are you talking about?” said a man who was standing behind a tree. Sue said, “Listen!” But the leaves did not speak again. Suddenly the man was not there. Sue looked for him everywhere. She heard a strange noise. Sue followed the voice. Now she was standing in front of a cave. Sue thought,” This cave was not marked at the map!” She went into it. There she saw the man again. She hid behind a big rock. The man was a magician. When the man went out of the cave, Sue stole the book. The book was lying on a big table and looked very old. Sue opened it and read,” How to turn a person into a leaf!” Sue thought,” The leaves can speak, because they are magic leaves!” She turned the page and read,” How to turn a leaf into a person again!” Sue went up to the leaves and said,” Hokus pokus, the leaves must be people again!” Suddenly the leaves turned into people and they said,” Thank you, Sue!” Sue was very happy and went home. 

    A poem

    My Name is Raphael Raditsch and I am from the 4b. Today I want to tell you my poem. In the poem there are difficult words you don’t understand. These words are:hearth, das heißt Kamin, hitting, das heißt schlagen, witch, das heißt Hexe, revenge, das heißt Rache.

    The feet in the fire
    from Conrad Ferdinand Meyer

    The storm was hitting the knight terrible face,
    and so he was searching for a beautiful place.

    He found a castle where he could sleep.
    There he remembered the awful night,
    when he killed the castle owner`s wife in a fight.

    So in the night he couldn`t sleep right,
    because he dreamed about the fight.

    “ He put her feet into the hearth
    and asked her where the castle owner was today
    to kill him on the 1st of May.

    She was lying as she was a witch,
    and so he throw her into the fire
    to see the burning liar.”
    In the morning the lord was awake
    and went to the knight to fight,
    because he remembered the terrible night.

    But then he let him run
    because God would take the revenge,
    not he with the gun.

    No Title

    Story written by Sonja Reichl

    Once upon a time there was a family who was going to live in a new house. They had not so much money and so they bought an old house. The inhabitants of the city were very afraid of the house, because of the strange noises around it.
    The parents of the family had two children, called Sandra and Paul. Sandra fell in love with a guy from the city, but he was very afraid because of their house. “You don’t love me”, she said to him. “Yes, I do, but I’m so afraid of your house. The strange noises are so frightening”, he said to her.
    Her little brother Paul comforted her, because he loved his sister. In winter there was a lot of snow and one morning there was so much snow that the family wasn’t able to leave the house.
    Sandra was just about to make breakfast when they heard a terrible scream. The children ran out of the kitchen to see what had happened. Their father lay dead on the floor while their mother was crying. Suddenly they heard some noises from the second floor. They were very scared and felt cold sweat on their backs. “What are these noises?” Paul asked. A few seconds later a big spider jumped from the banister and killed the boy. At the same time the kitchen began to burn, because Sandra had forgotten to switch off the stove.
    After waiting a few minutes the boy of Sandra’s heart jumped through the window to rescue them. The fire which was still burning reached the living room. “Mum, come on!” Sandra said. “No, the spider wants me. Go! Leave me behind and rescue yourself and your friend!” shouted the mother at them.
    Finally Sandra lived together with her true love, but she lost her family. It was a horrible experience for them, but now they live happily ever after.

  • English Stories 1

    Fat  Tony’s mysterious son

    Written by Marcus Stiasny

    Once upon a time, there was a big mafia boss called “Fat Tony”. He has become very popular because of his many successful bank robberies.

    One night, when he makes plans with his crew for their next raids, he suddenly gets a call from a man, who passes himself off as his son. Fat Tony says “I don’t have any sons”, and hangs up. The next two weeks the telephone rings all the time and always it is Fat Tony’ s alleged son Luigi. So he finally arranges a meeting with him, but he doesn’t tell him that he works for the mafia.

    The first time Luigi sees his father and his crew, who are all dressed in black, he gets a bit frightened. Fat Tony says “If you are really my son, this test will be no problem for you!”. With this test, which he has prepared for his son, he wants to find out if Luigi has all the important qualities, a member of the mafia has to have. But his son answers “I’m not interested in stealing! I’m sorry, but I can’t do this test for you. Then you can’t be the son of the greatest mafia boss in the world!”, Fat Tony says angrily. “Go away and don’t come back again!”, he shouted. But Luigi doesn’t give up and tells his father “I’m a first-rate cook, so give me the chance to cook something for you.”. After a while he answers “Okay, I give you one hour to cook something for us, but don’t waste my time!”.

    While Fat Tony and his crew are waiting, Luigi bakes small cakes for them. He wants to teach them a lesson, so he puts poison in each cake. When he brings his small cakes to them, he says “Enjoy your meals.”. A few minutes after they have eaten, they gasp for air and when Luigi looks at them, he just sneers.

    The small ball called Benny

    Written by Julia Hogl

    Once upon a time there was a small ball. His name was Benny. Benny had always been very lucky, because everybody liked him and his red point. Benny was round, white with a red point around his hole and as big as a watermelon. Tim was his owner and he kept playing with him every day together with his other friends. One time Jonny, one of Timmy’s friends, borrowed Benny for a football match, although everybody knew that Benny wasn’t made for such a tournament. When the tournament started Benny was afraid that he could explode, get lost or in the worst case, just get smaller very slowly and nobody would care and kick him anymore.
    When the first foot kicked Benny, he felt a terrible pain, but after some time he began to enjoy it and wished that this feeling would last forever. When the game was over Benny wanted to become a football. So he asked the other footballs how to reach this goal. They had no idea and just answered: “I was born like this. I’m Sorry” Benny didn’t want to give up, so he tried to change his “outfit”. Every time Timmy played with him, Benny tried to land on the same points, so that in the end he looked like a real football with his dirty and clean points. When he had nearly reached this outfit, his owner thought that he was too dirty. So he took some water and washed his outfit away. Poor Benny! Actually he had another idea. Benny came up with the point that the outfit doesn’t matter and only the use counts. So he used his free time to push himself against walls, doors and floors. Instead of getting harder and the pressure bigger, his skin became thinner and cracked until he was of no use anymore. Tim was sad, Benny mad and in the end both were flat.

    The sixth sense

    Written by Lukas Pratschner & Lisa Schordje 8G

    Last morning I woke up and went to school everything seemed a little bit strange- I heard voices in my head, like I could hear other people thinking. At first I thought it was because I didn’t sleep enough ,but after hours I recognized that I have a sixth sense- read the minds of other people. It was great feeling to read other people´s mind, like a dream come true.
    I exploited my new talent and it really helped me during my maths test. When I told it to my best friend , he couldn’t beieve that ,but I proved it and then he believed me. The whole day was really funny with my new talent and I got used to it,but suddenly I heard too many voices, which was very annoying and drive me insane.
    I hid myself in our cellar and hoped that my sixth sense, which I liked at first, would disappear.
    Suddenly I woke up in my room , at first I was confused- was it only a dream or reality??
    Immediately I ran to my sister downstairs and asked her, “Think of an animal!”
    I´m sure my sister thought I was crazy, but forunately I didn’t hear a voice in my head, so everything was okay with me, it had only been a dream!

    The strange noise

    Written by Martina Maurer

    It has been a very long and hard day at work and Sarah was more than happy when she took her key and opened the door of her house. It was a very big house and she loved it, because it has been the home of her family for many years but the house was also frightening.
    Sarah lived alone in this house, or, no, not really alone, there were Cookie and Jasper too, her two cats and that was the problem on this evening.
    She prepared their food and usually they come and lay down on her feet, but on this day, there was no cat anywhere.
    Sarah started searching but she couldn’t find them, so she went to bad sadly and thinking about where they could be and suddenly she heard a strange noise.
    “THE ATTIC” she thought, “they are playing on the attic.” Sarah went upstairs and there she had to see…nothing. Only darkness, nothing than darkness, so she turned around and ran to the telephone to call her sister Jane, but nobody answered the phone.
    “Nowhere, nothing, nobody!” she shouted in a psychotic way and she recognised tears running down her cheeks but she wasn’t able to do anything, she cried and cried.
    Suddenly, the noise again! Now she ran to the room her sister had lived in and opened the door forced. There she saw many photos of her sister and flowers on the floor, on the wall and on her sister’s bed. On the other side of the room, there was leaning a heavy picture frame against the wall.
    Sarah went there slowly and kneeled down in front of it. It was an extract of a newspaper where it was reported that a young woman at the age of 23 had died when she rescued a little child of a torrential river.
    The world around Sarah started to turn faster and faster. The friendly-looking young woman on the picture was Jane, her sister. Sarah started to recognise that her sister had died a few days ago and so she hadn’t been able to phone her and that she would never be able to. She began to cry again, but there again that noise. Sarah mentioned for the first time this evening that the strange noise was only not more than a “MIAU” and she listened carefully and got a shock. Sarah took the picture frame and there was a hole in the wall where the cats looked out. She took them and thanked them, because without them she would never have realised that her sister didn’t come back again.
    “Nowhere, nothing, nobody” she whispered and went to bed once more.

    (No Title)

    Written by Nicole Nestler

    When Reena came out of the burning house her body was full of sweat. But she usually felt great. Reena was a fire inspector. She loved her job. In addition she was a member of the fire brigade too. This time there had been victims. The whole family of a famous American politician and the politician himself had died in the fire. Just his 10 – year – old son had survived and had lost all his relatives in the last night. Such cases were not easy to handle for Reena. Some days later she found out, that someone had raised the fire. She promised herself and the boy to find them. Instantly she started with her investigations.
    After the incidents of the last night James woke up. When he watched the news, he recognized this attractive, young woman, who got engaged with the case of the last nights. “Can you see her? She could be dangerous for us! Kill that bitch!” he said to his partner Johnny, “I want to have her heart as evidence!”
    The next day Johnny started observing her. “God, she is pretty!” he thought. Johnny approached her and they liked each other instantly, so he wanted to meet her in the evening at a restaurant. “So, what is your job?” she asked in some way, it made him terribly nervous. “I`m a carpenter”, he lied to her. During their talk Johnny recognized that he started to develop strong feelings for Reena. The way she smiled to him, nearly killed him. He couldn`t do anything bad to this wonderful girl.
    The evening went by and he asked her to spend the night with him.
    When Reena awoke the next morning, she was alone at Johnny`s flat. “Maybe it`s better I go home”, she said to herself and left quickly. Reena had not met such a perfect guy for a long time. “He is too perfect to be real,” she thought by herself.
    Meanwhile Johnny met James. “Where is the heart?” he asked Johnny. “I didn`t meet her yesterday.. Today I´ll do it, I promise!”, but this was also a lie. Johnny couldn`t kill her! He was torn between his and her life. “If I don`t do it, James will kill me instead of her!” he thought desperately.
    Days passed by and Reena had called Johnny 15 times without hearing anything from him. She decided to see him at his flat. The door was open. She went in and saw something she would never forget: Johnny was lying on the ground, beside him his heart. Beside this there lay a piece of paper. She read it and started crying: “To keep you alive, I have sacrificed my heart.”


    Written by Katharina Jestl

    Hello, my name  is Lora and I’m 17 years old. My best friends name is Lisa and we are going out every weekend. But two years ago my life wasn’t as easy as it is now.
    It was a Monday and I came home from school in the afternoon. I opened the door and couldn’t believe my eyes. My mother was lying in the floor and had a pale face. She gasped for breath and told me to phone the hospital. The ambulance came 30 minutes later and took my mom to he hospital. There the doctors found out that my mother suffered from cancer. I was very afraid but I promised my mum to do the housework and to keep an eye on my little brother Simon who was 12 years old.
    The next day I told Lisa about that. She hugged me and said that everything would get ok again. Suddenly a boy ran into us and he was very angry. “ Watch out!“ he shouted and walked on. His name was Brian and he was the new boy in my class. He was a very handsome boy and lots of girls adored him. But Brian wanted another girl. ME! I was shocked and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want a boyfriend because I had to help my mother. So I decided to ignore him but Brian never gave up. He wrote lots of letters and put them in my locker. I didn’t read any oft them.
    My mother was still in the hospital , for 6 weeks. She had to do a therapy against cancer and she started to get well again. After some weeks she cme home but she had to relax. So I did the housework until she was healthy enough to help me. Brian gave up writing letters to me but I suddenly had a strong desire to get to know him.
    One dayI saw Brian playing football in the afternoon with his  friends in the park. He scored a goal and I shouted “Yeah, Brian!“ Brian looked at me and couldn’t believe his eyes. After the match everybody went home but Brian came to me. “Lora, I’m sorry that I wrote so many letters but i have really fallen in love with you!“ he said. “I tell you a secret Brian, I have fallen in love too with you.“ I whispered. He was very happy and hugged me. But then I couldn’t believe what happened . We kissed each other and it was a wonderful feeling.
    At the beginning oft he story I said that I’m 17 now and Brian and I didn’t split up. We are very happy and I have told him why I had no time to answer his letters when I was 15.

    The ghost !

    Wrtitten by Stefan Haider

    Mr. Seven lived in a very old house in London. It was near a river. One dark, terrible evening Mr. Seven watched TV. But suddenly the light went out. He was very afraid. Mr. Seven got a candle, but the wind blew it out. Suddenly he heard a noise. Somebody knocked at the door. The man went to the door. He opened it, but there was nobody. Mr. Seven closed the door and locked it. Five minutes later he heard a noise again, but nobody knocked at the door, somebody knocked at the window. Mr Seven opened it, he couldn’t see anybody. But suddenly a ghost flew into the window. The ghost had a chain in his hands. He said to Mr. Seven, ”Give me 10.000 Pounds tomorrow or I will kill your wife or your daughter! “ Mr Seven wanted to shout, but he couldn’t say a word. The ghost flew out. Suddenly Mr Seven heard a noise. He lay in his bed. It was only a dream. Mr. Seven stood up and went down the stairs. He went into the kitchen. There were his daughter and his wife. They lived.

  • Schüler 2006/07

    2a-2 Im Schuljahr 2006/07 besuchen rund 530 Schülerinnen und Schüler in 20 Klassen das Don Boscogymnasium, davon  272 Mädchen und  252 Buben.  401 Schülerinnen und Schüler sind extern,   129 Schülerinnen und Schüler besuchen die Nachmittagsbetreuung.

    Die Klassenfotos der einzelnen Klassen finden sie hier.

  • Besinnungsnachmittag 2009

    thumb_besinnungHerzliche Einladung zum Besinnungsnachmittag für Eltern der SchülerInnen des Don Bosco Gymnasiums und alle Interessenten im Don Bosco Gymnasiumam 5. Fastensonntag mit P. Dietrich Altenburger SDB
    Wo: Unterwaltersdorf, Kapelle des Studienheims Maria Hilf

    Wann : 29. März 2009
    BEGINN:    14.30 Uhr, 17.00 Uhr: Hl. Messe

    THEMA:    „Erlösung“

    •    Impulsvortrag und     Meditation           
    •    Pause mit kl. Stärkung           
    •    Beichtgelegenheit
    •    Hl. Messe
  • 26. Generalkapitel der Salesianer Don Boscos

    Don Bosco (rechts im Bild) hatte immer ein offenes Ohr für seine Jugendlichen. Der Bub im Bild ist Paul Albera. Er wurde auch Salesianer und 1910 zum zweiten Nachfolger Don Boscos als Generaloberer gewählt.

    Am 3. März beginnt das 26. Generalkapitel der Salesianer Don Boscos im Generalat in Rom. Unter den 233 Delegierten aus allen Teilen der Welt sind als Vertreter der österreichischen Provinz Provinzial P. Franz Wöß SDB (67), sein designierter Nachfolger P. Rudolf Osanger SDB  (57) und P. Petrus Obermüller SDB (46). Hauptanliegen des Kapitels ist die Reflexion der Ordensarbeit auf die Bedürfnisse der Jugendlichen von heute

    Der amtierende Generalobere, Don Pascual Chávez Villanueva SDB (60), 9. Nachfolger Don Boscos, wählte als Thema für das 26. Generalkapitel: „Da mihi animas, cetera tolle“ (Gib mir Seelen, alles andere nimm). Dieses Motto stellte Don Bosco seinem pastoralen Wirken voran und später der gesamten Salesianischen Kongregation.
  • Kultur-Reise Gardasee

    GardaseeKultur-Reise  Gardasee, Verona, Madonna della corona

    25. – 28. Mai 2017

    Preis: 295,-- €

    Organisation: Schulverein, DB-Gymnasium, UW

    Reiseleitung: P. Friedrich Frühwirth SDB

  • Fußballturnier der Don Bosco-Einrichtungen

    AThumbnail imagem 22. Februar 2013 um 18:00 Uhr fand im Don Bosco-Gymnasium Unterwaltersdorf das traditionelle Fußballturnier unter der Leitung von Pater Dietrich Altenburger SDB statt. Unterstützt wurde er von Schülerinnen und Schülern sowie einer Elternvertreterin der 5 B-Klasse.
    Es nahmen die sechs folgenden Mannschaften von Don Bosco-Einrichtungen teil: Pfarre Neuerdberg, Pfarre Stadlau, Jugendwohnheim Abraham, Studentenwohnheim Salesianum, Pfarre Linz Don Bosco und eine Mannschaft aus dem Don Bosco Gymnasium Unterwaltersdorf, welche aus Maxi Schorn (8R), Martin Mozdzen (8R), Max Fellner (8R), Christian Demmerer (5C), Lorenz Reim (8R), David Fellner und Tormann Christian Zwiletitsch (5B) bestand.
    Während des spannenden, aufregenden sowie fairen Turniers bekam man sehr gute und hilfreiche Eindrücke.
    Schließlich zog die Mannschaft unserer Schule ins Finale gegen das Studentenheim Salesianum ein, welche durch Elfmeterschießen das Turnier schließlich gewann.
    Anschließend gab es eine Siegerehrung, bei der die Preise sowieso der Wanderpokal durch unseren Schuldirektor P. Dr. Bernhard Maier SDB überreicht wurden. 

  • TT-Oberstufenmannschaft im Landesfinale

    SiegermannschaftenRegionalmeisterschaftNach der Mannschaft der Unterstufe ist nun auch die der Oberstufe für das Finale der besten acht Teams Niederrösterreichs qualifiziert. Hofmann Florian und Max Weinkum (7G) sowie Simon Marteau (6R) und Markus Loiberspäck (5C) konnten in der Regionalmeisterschaft, an der 6 Schulen teilnahmen, nach dem BG Schwechat und vor dem Sacré Coeur Pressbaum den zweiten Platz belegen, der zum Aufstieg in die Endrunde berechtigt. Herzliche Gratulation!

  • Interview mit Hermann Maier

    hmaier_001Anlässlich des Rennwochenendes in Kitzbühel hatte Gernot Pruschak, Schüler der 5R-Klasse, die Gelegenheit ein Interview mit Hermann Maier zu führen:
    1. Hermann Maier, Sie waren heuer schon auf dem Siegespodest: werden wir Sie nächstes Jahr bei den Olympischen Spielen in Vancouver erleben? Es wären Ihre dritten Olympischen Spiele!

    Da es zu diesem Interview kein Foto gibt, zeigen wir hier ein Foto von Schuldirektor P. Maier mit Hermann Maier.

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